Took it to work the other day after a car wash. Definitely need to look at changing out tires, shocks and springs. Super floaty, and the front tires are wearing on the outside. I drilled the rivets to go as much negative in camber as possible and it seems to handle turns a bit better now. I’m guessing there are worn suspension components that’s wearing the tires on the outside, just need to take a look and see what that is. Top rad hose started collapsing as if there’s vacuum in there. Need to see what that’s all about. Clutch definitely worn, so I’m looking at options there. I need to replace the battery, has issues starting, so I took it to Autozone, O’reilly, advanced auto, and they all said the battery isn’t really able to hold a charge anymore. Looks like my factory battery clamp will finally see some use.

Otherwise it’s great!


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