There it is, the one thing that will stiffen this pony up nice. After having been suggested to run one of these if I plan on doing some open track days, I buckled down and looked for a set of these Maximum Motorsports Full Length Sub-Frame Connectors And Omg All First Letters Are Capitals. I checked eBay, Amazon and had considered some competitor bits. I even thought of the convertible bolt in ones from the factory, but decided against it since they’re not full length bits. I ended up wanting to save up for the legit ones from maximum motorsports, but was hesitant on the price so I tried shopping around to see if someone online had bought some and lost inspiration, or sold their car or whatnot.

I checked the local Craigslist and bought them from a guy who works at Roush as a painter for a lot of the show and project vehicles (as well as a P-51 Mustang). I was lucky enough to get these still in the box with original receipt for about 2/3 the price of a new set. He ended up wanting to go with a full drag-strip build (not sure what that entails) so he needed to sell these off to pay for other go-fast bits.


Other than buttoning up the rest of some maintenance items, the roughstang will see some track time later this year. First time for the pony, first time for me!

“How do you hit the apex in a mustang every time? Put a crowd there”

-me this past weekend (though I’m sure someone on the internet has said it before)

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