I’ve been busy perusing junkyards for parts that’ll fit into the Roughstang. I remember for refurbishing my driver seat, took about a week getting things together: I got a manual seat, a seat cushion from a passenger seat (that’ll fit on the driver seat), then I had to hand the frames to my coworker to weld up the seat frames to get rid of gangsta lean, cut the passenger seat cushion to fit on the driver side, bolt into car and now I have a nice, firm seat that will hold me in while I cruise around town. The downside? It’s grey, the rest of the car is tan.

“Oh I have a bucket seat you can have”-other coworker, 1 day after having refurbished the stock seat.

I now have a Forza Sprint Seat, so now it’s time to clean it up and bolt that thing in.


Also just replaced the positive battery terminal because I kept having to wiggle it to get the car started sometimes. there’s also a Mustang GT at one of the junkyards I go to, the rear end is still intact, so I might pick that up and refurbish it, maybe as a winter project. My old E30 had a 4.10 rear end, so going from a 2.73 to anything else higher than that is going to help make this thing more fun. Maybe not a 4.10 though.

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