Being tired of working on cars in my spare time is not something I am normally attributed with (in the past few years, I have changed out a transmission, Rebuilt an engine with a VTEC head, taken apart a mustang to change the headgaskets, replaced a leaking diff on an e30, replacing the timing belt on a wrx...) I wanted to try to see what all the fuss is about with the Fiesta ST. I’m no fan of buying a new car, let alone buying one at a car dealership, but the opportunity came my way for a fully loaded fiesta ST with less than 20k miles, and at a price I’d be willing to take out a loan on. I am now the owner of a Recaro package and Ford Sync equipped Fiesta ST.

This car is great, and everything you read about it is quite accurate. It’s small, quick, and puts a smile on your face anytime you mash the go pedal (in any gear!) The thing I wanted is an entry level car that is fun to drive, easy on gas, and that still has a lot of life left. My fiance was getting tired of me driving her prius while I routinely troubleshot problems with the WRX, so the fiesta ST fit the bill very well. A lot of auto journalist liked this thing so much they contemplated or actually got one for themselves, so I felt I was making the right decision. I got an extended warranty which means any factory defect is covered through 2020 or 100k miles.

Buying a new(ish) car is always going to make you regret signing up for a loan with long terms and whatnot, but this little guy numbs the pain of that just a bit. Hopefully I’ll take it out to an autocross every month, when the weather clears out of course.

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