I always told myself I’m goin somewhere, I always had a job during the summer, whether it was delivering stuff with parents, to working as an intern testing racing tires at race tracks like Willow Springs in California and ATCO in NJ. While our team was finishing our FSAE car at CSUN (the only CSUN car to finish competition while I was there) I got an internship at a racing company. I worked there part time as an intern until I graduated and then got a full-time contract. It was great! Right out of college to work on race cars! I got to work on stuff that races in the B-Spec class, Pirelli world challenge GT cars, Atlantic cars, closed wheel prototype cars and Indy Car (kind of narrows it down if you’re curious.) Interestingly enough, not even two years since I started there, I was fired, or laid off, I’m not entirely sure. I was told to not go in for work as my contract was terminated. I don’t know what I did or didn’t do to get this, but I was sitting there looking up how to replace the steering rack on my e30, thinking that I was supposed to go up to Laguna Seca the next day for a test. Well now I had the time to change out the rack, but I had no job. I’m sure I’m not the only person this happened to, but it was quite a learning experience.

Since then, and knowing there aren’t a whole lot of automotive jobs, I’ve moved out of California to pursue a career in the automotive industry. It’s tough to move from somewhere I’ve lived for so long, and maybe I’ll move back one day, but now I have to focus on the future, and start my upward climb to get back into racing. If anyone has any suggestions to ship my Kart from LA to Michigan, feel free to let me know!


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